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Подсолнечное масло в Японии

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Масло подсолнечное | Refined and unrefined sunflower oil
Цена по запросу
Реализуем оптом Масло подсолнечное рафинированное и нерафинированное наливом. Мы готовы предложить отличное качество по выгодным ценам на экспорт из Украины в вашу страну. Более подробнее готовы обсудить с вами все условия. We sell wholesale Refined and unrefined bulk sunflower oil. We are ready
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27 июн 2021
Подсолнечное масло ヒマワリ油 ウクライナ MITLIFE LLC
Оптовая цена
0.80 - 1.35 $/л EXW
LLC Mitlifeは、貿易と製造の会社です。 私たちの主な目標:すべてのために最も相互に有益な価格でバイヤーとの実りある協力。 精製ヒマワリ油ウクライナ、精製脱臭。 ペットボトル0,8 l 0,9 l、1 l、2 l、3 l、5 l、バルク、fleksitankで包装。 最新の情報は、広告の所有者にあります。
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6 апр 2023
Подсолнечное масло рафинированное Украина LLC Mitlife
Оптовая цена
0.80 - 1.35 $/л EXW
LLC "Mitlife", торгово-производственная компания. Наша главная цель: плодотворное сотрудничество с покупателем с наиболее взаимовыгодной ценой для всех. Подсолнечное масло рафинированное Украина, рафинированное дезодорированное. Фасовка в бутылки пет 0,8л 0,9 л, 1л, 2л, 3л , 5л, наливом,
+1 объявление
6 апр 2023
Подсолнечное масло.
1.60 $/л
ひまわり油(ウクライナ)。 風袋容量670ml、970 ml、1 l、2 l、3 l、5l。 品質証明。 価格は1600米ドルから 100トンからの量。 前払い-100%。 Подсолнечное масло(Украина). Емкость тары 670 мл, 970 мл, 1 л, 2 л, 3 л, 5 л. Сертификат качества. Цена от 1600 долл. Количество от 1000 тонн. ПРЕДОПЛАТА-100%.
17 авг 2021
Refined Sunflower Oil
Refined Sunflower Oil - фото 1
Refined Sunflower Oil - фото 2
+3 фото
Refined Sunflower Oil - фото 3
1.10 €/л FCA  
опт от 1.08 €/л
Refined Sunflower Oil Manufacturer: Ukraine Origin Packaging: Plastic bottle 1-5-10-20 liters. Delivery: 22t, possible Price: 1/l.-1.08€/FCA-21.600 pcs. in a truck/ 25.785 pcs. in a container Price: 5/l.-5.29€/FCA-4.224 pcs. in a truck/ 5.240 pcs. in a container . Price: 10/l.-10.39€/FCA-2.176
23 июл
Premium Quality Refined sunflower oil cooking oil | Organic Non GMO Sunflower Oil
Premium Quality Refined sunflower oil cooking oil | Organic Non GMO Sunflower Oil - фото 1
Premium Quality Refined sunflower oil cooking oil | Organic Non GMO Sunflower Oil - фото 2
+4 фото
Premium Quality Refined sunflower oil cooking oil | Organic Non GMO Sunflower Oil - фото 3
380 $/т CIF  
опт 280 - 300 $/т
Refined Sunflower Cooking Oil Wholesale We have refined & unrefined Sunflower Oil for sale at moderate and affordable prices with high quality. We regularly supply 100% pure high-quality Sunflower Oil. We have Sunflower oil with different prices which vary according to the quantities such as
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17 июл
Sunflower oil, refined
1.30 €/л FOB
We offer for sale sunflower oil, refined. Unit packaging as agreed with the buyer (various 1l, 5l ...). We execute only large orders (for the whole ship). Sale on a FOB basis from the port of Gdansk (Poland). Slight price negotiations possible.
+1 объявление
11 июл
Refined Vegetable Oil
1 000 €/Metric Ton
Pure and Natural goodness Rich in Vitamin E GMO Free Cholesterol Free No Artificial Additives or Preservatives Trans Fat Free *Specifications* %free fatty acids (ffa): Max 0.1 % ash (*): Max.0.05 Saponification value:190.32 koh/g. Of oil Iodine value:134.13 (wijs-hanus method) Peroxide:0.2 meq/KG.
25 июн
I will sell refined deodorized sunflower oil
1 ¥/т FCA  
опт от 1 ¥/т
I will sell refined deodorized sunflower oil, packaged in PET bottles 1l, 3l, 5l, 10l and bottling on FCA Ukraine terms. Delivery is possible by agreement DAP CIF. Quality, price on request. Sincerely, Vladimir. (viber, WhatsApp, Telegram)
28 апр
Refined deodorized winterized sunflower oil Grade P
1 000 $/т
Refined deodorized winterized sunflower oil is an oil of the highest degree of purity. It does not foam or burn during cooking, helps preserve the natural flavor and taste of food, and is ideal for baking and frying. The main consumers of this oil are food processing companies that use oil in
30 дек 2022
Refined sunflower oil
Refined sunflower oil - фото 1
Refined sunflower oil - фото 2
Refined sunflower oil - фото 3
500 $/шт CIF
We offer good, well refined and premium quality Refined sunflower oil at very good and affordable prices,,,. We offer delivery of our product to clients location or desired delivery address without any complication or problem....
+13 объявлений
22 окт 2022
Sunflower oil
1.62 $/л FCA
Sunflower oil, refined, deodorized, frozen, of the highest grade. It is possible to fill in different containers, or in bulk. It is possible to send a sample at the buyer's expense. The price is reported after the specified conditions (place of delivery, volume, etc.)
29 июн 2021
Refined Sunflower Oil
500 $/т
Refined sunflower oil of highest quality_Pure no additives. This product is received from refining of crude sunflower oil on modern high-tech equipment. Refining process is fully automated which means high and stable quality of final product. Refined sunflower oil is a high quality edible product,
23 мая 2021
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