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paraffin wax в Кагосима

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Commercial Offer Dear Sirs, Our company LLC «PaRADIZ XXI» is one of the leading Ukrainian companies specializing on oilseeds processing and sale. Our company is pleased to offer the following products: 1) Crude sunflower oil, 1st grade, in bulk (DSTU 4492:2005) - Scope of supply: 3000 t per month
26 сен 2019
Paraffin Wax
Paraffin Wax
Paraffin Wax
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Paraffin Wax
1 000 $/т CIF
It is frequently employed as lubricant, electrical insulation, and in the production of candles and crayons.
20 ноя 2022
1 100 $/т
PARAFFIN HACH. Not processed. With high oil content. production of Turkmenistan Purchase high quality, unprocessed paraffin hatch from Turkmenistan for use in various industries. Our paraffin is of high purity and melts at low temperatures, making it ideal for use as a raw material for making
28 июн
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paraffin wax
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