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natural milk uht в Кагосима

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Natural MILK UHT from Poland
0.62 $/шт CFR
Round year on sell natural cow Milk UHT 1.5-2.0-3.2-3.5 % Fat, origin of Poland, packaging in 1 l Tetra Pak, shelf life of 12 months. Loadng in 20 and 40 fcl containers, our to have All World certificate. Our export in 146 world country s.
21 мая 2019
Natural Butter Ghee 99.8%
6 $/шт FCA
Ghee is a dairy product with a long history and modern health value. Cooking oil is a time-consuming and lengthy process, and only after a few hours of painstaking labor do you get golden 'sunny milk fat - this is the famous ghee. Consider the special, healing properties of this extraordinary
24 фев 2021
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natural milk uht
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