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copper wire scrap в Кагосима

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Copper Wire scrap
Copper Wire scrap
Copper Wire scrap
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Copper Wire scrap
1 000 $/т CIF
When it comes to the recycling and scrap metal trade, copper is one of the most precious metals on the market. Copper has an endless lifespan and is recyclable, making it ideal for use in industrial machinery, building, motors, and more.
19 ноя 2022
Ac and Refrigerator compressor scraps 99.99% & OTHER Scraps availale now
500 ¥/т
We have large quantities of scrap ac and refrigerator compressor scraps, hdpe drum regrind recycled , wire scrap , bottle waters scrap , electronics scrap, Hms 1&2 and more we are a company based in Hamburg, Germany and we have brand some where around the world and we ship world wide via FedEx
22 ноя
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copper wire scrap
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