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cattle feed в Кагосима

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В Японии
Комбикорм (compound feed)
Оптовая цена
от 290 $/т FCA
Hello! We offer you high quality compound feed for cattle, sheep, camel. Added grain, grass and a little salt. Our product is 100 % natural and price is good . Price: 290$/ton FCA For other questions write and call me! Telephone: Telegram, WhatsApp:
31 авг 2019
Cake from the manufacturer
Цена по запросу
Linseed and rapeseed cake, feed concentrate of the embryo of corn. Manufacturer Производим кормовой концентрат зародыша кукурузы, а также жмых рапсовый и льняной.
29 мая 2020
Цена по запросу
Commercial Offer Dear Sirs, Our company LLC «PaRADIZ XXI» is one of the leading Ukrainian companies specializing on oilseeds processing and sale. Our company is pleased to offer the following products: 1) Crude sunflower oil, 1st grade, in bulk (DSTU 4492:2005) - Scope of supply: 3000 t per month
26 сен 2019
Cattle feed
290 $/т FCA  
опт 290 - 300 $/т
We offer high-quality mixed feed for small and large cattle. Ingredients: 30% barley, 70% alfalfa, 100% natural product and available at low prices. New equipments meeting all modern standards is used for manufacturing. We offer discounts, favorable terms of cooperation. Price: 290 $ / ton FCA
10 мар 2022
Healthy cows and heifers and calf for sale
677 €/шт EXW
At Koolah Creek we breed & sell friendly Scottish Highland cows, bulls, heifers, & calves at our small family farm on the NSW Mid North Coast. Our Highland cattle are carefully selected for exceptional temperaments and conformation - ideal for friendly pets, the serious stud breeder & the...
29 ноя
Organic fertilizer (growth accelerator)
0.80 €/шт
Organic fertilizer (growth accelerator) of high concentration 1:2000 wholesale from the manufacturer BioDeposit® Elixir is an organic fertilizer of high concentration 1:2000 wholesale from 1 ton and in large volumes. From the manufacturer in Belarus. - for farmers - agricultural enterprises -
14 ноя
Purification of glycerin (equipment)
Цена по запросу
Until recently, there were essentially only two types of glycerin on the world market: 1) Raw glycerin 30-80% (dark brown liquid, often with a distinctive odor) - this is crude crude glycerin with a high amount of impurities, including organic origin 2) Food- or pharmaceutical glycerin 95-99% is
11 ноя
Refined Sunflower Oil
500 $/т
Refined sunflower oil of highest quality_Pure no additives. This product is received from refining of crude sunflower oil on modern high-tech equipment. Refining process is fully automated which means high and stable quality of final product. Refined sunflower oil is a high quality edible product,
23 мая 2021
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