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hard wood в Ибараки

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В Японии
Fuel wood pellets in granules. Пеллеты топливные деревянные в гранулах
Fuel wood pellets in granules. Пеллеты топливные деревянные в гранулах
Fuel wood pellets in granules. Пеллеты топливные деревянные в гранулах
Fuel wood pellets in granules. Пеллеты топливные деревянные в гранулах
200 $/шт
We produce and sell wholesale fuel pellets. Composition 100% natural product. The bags consist of 40-45 kg. Chemistry is not added. It burns well. The smoke is harmless. The product is certified. Minimum order quantity: 20 ton The offered products are fully consistent with high international
25 мая 2022
Lumbers / пиломатериалы
Цена по запросу
We produce edged and unedged boards, kitchens and parquet elemets and lamella made of solid wood species. (espescially ash and oak) . Delivery from Ukraine to EU countries is possible. For more information, write and send your specifications
16 мая 2019
Firewood (mix, birch, oak, hornbeam) / Дрова
Оптовая цена
50 - 115 €/м.куб. FCA
Dear Sirs, We produce chopped firewood, chamber drying, in wooden crates 1RM or 2RM. Humidity 18-20%, length 0.25m. Price on terms FCA Baranovichi (Belarus, 200km to border with Poland): • Mix (aspen, alder, birch, not less than 2 species of wood, minimum 20% of one species) 1RM – 50Euro, 2RM –
24 апр 2019
Hard Wood Firewood Birch Wood Oak and Beech Log Firewood
2 ¥/шт
We sale Red Oaks firewood, White Oak firewood, White Ash firewood, White Beech firewood, Hornbeam firewood, Acacia firewood, Cherry firewood, Olive firewood, Alder firewood, Beech firewood, Birch Firewood, Wood briquettes, Pini Kay briquettes, Spruce Pine Wood Pellets, Charcoal contact us for more
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13 фев
Wood pellets of 6mm bulk
225 €/т CIF
We offer coniferous wood pellets of 6mm Ash content up to 0.4% Packing in bulk ENplus A1 Certificate From 2000tn 私達は6mmの針葉樹の木製の餌を提供します 灰分最大0.4% 大きさのパッキング エンプラスA1証明書 2000tnから
20 мар
Board, bar, beam, dry planed products
200 ¥/м.куб.
Our company has the possibility of wholesale deliveries of fuel raw materials: - pellets, wood briquettes, - pellets from sunflower husks, - grain pellets, - pellets, flax briquettes, - cotton pellets - Firewood, charcoal - hard coal (fuel qualities) - peat briquettes Delivery terms: FCA, DDP, CIF,
11 мар
Wood pellets , ENA1 certifiied
Wood pellets , ENA1 certifiied
Wood pellets , ENA1 certifiied
+2 фото
Wood pellets , ENA1 certifiied
180 €/т DAP
50000mt ready Cheap wood pellets wholesale ENa1 Pellets with high heat burning time We deliver the best quality wood pellets. Pine, spruce wood The best price and DAP delivery anywhere in Europe or the world specification as below Diameter = 6-8 mm. Length = 25-40 mm. Calories = 4500
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9 мар
Thermal wood house.
5 000 €/шт EXW  
опт 4 500 - 4 700 ¥/шт
Manufacturing of frame-panel houses made of thermal wood. Thermal wood is a durable and natural material, protected from the influence of pests, rot, fungi and negative environmental factors. Dimensions and accessories upon request of the Customer.
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24 янв
Wood Pellets EN plus-A1 6mm/8mm For sell
Wood Pellets EN plus-A1 6mm/8mm For sell
Wood Pellets EN plus-A1 6mm/8mm For sell
+11 фото
Wood Pellets EN plus-A1 6mm/8mm For sell
200 $/т EXW
Our pellets are distributed on the European market through a network of official distributors. The pellets produced by us are certified and meet the criteria required . Their certification guarantees a constant high calorific value and a reasonable use of the forest. The DIN plus certification
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21 дек 2022
Pine Wood Pellets 100% Wooden Pellets 6mm Wood Pellets
1 ¥/шт
Wood pellets fuel is a limitless and environment friendly fuel source. It is a clean burning and cost stable home heating alternatives. To burn wood pellet is a good way to divert millions of tons of waste from landfills and timber industry and turn it into energy. Their free flowing
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25 окт 2022
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